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werkwilk By werkwilk Updated Jun 14, 2015


Y/n's POV

Grabbing Sammy's neck I pull him on top of me. God I want him so badly. He smells so good and his t-shirt is clinging to his biceps and abs making him look so sexy. He's such a tease.

Today we're having a home day I guess that's what you would call it. The past few hours we've been snuggling and watching Netflix on his couch.

"Woah baby!" Sammy chuckles as I pull him on top of me. "I need you." I gasp as he kisses my neck. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pull his crotch to mine to get friction.

 "Fucckk" Sammy growls as he grinds into me. Our clothes are the only things in the way. "Sammmyyy fuck I need you. I need you so badly." I moan tugging at his hair as he sucks on my sweet spot. 

Flipping us around so I'm on top, I take my shirt off letting Sammy stare at my chest. "Oh my goddddd" Sammy moans as I grind our hips together. 

Smirking, I pin his arms above his head leaving kisses down his neck. Sucking on his earlobe I say, "Meet me in the shower" be...