Twitter Twink [Lashton AU]

Twitter Twink [Lashton AU]

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♡princess kay♡ By lovely-lashton Updated Aug 31

Luke loved the hit rock band 'Sellout'. And when lead singer Ashton Irwin followed him back he couldn't be any happier. Luke was by far the biggest fanboy that ever existed. But Luke messaged him every day and Ashton would read the messages but he would never reply. So Calum dared Luke to send a naughty message to Ashton. It was a silly dare and quite honestly celebrities get Twitter messages all the time so what were the odds that Ashton would see it? He just wanted Ashton to notice him. He never thought he'd get a reply. But miraculously, he did. 

And in return, he was introduced to a whole new world filled with money, fame, and a daddy with very strict rules. 


WARNINGS: Top!Ash, Daddy!Ash, Underage Luke, SMUT, LOTS AND LOTS OF SMUT.

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Im 15 and i still want to marry michael cliffore so youre good girl
fairymilk fairymilk Jun 28
okay but when will mikey dye his hair again? that's the real questioniony
everyone’s like Larry and I’m over here in my corner like; is it hi or hey?
I really want ashton sing more his voice is just so beautiful to be unheard
Same I love cartoons some of my favorites is Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and Oswald and Charlie and Lola and The Lion Guard and Bubble Guppies and ok I'll stop nows because we will be here all days
fairymilk fairymilk Jun 28
he's got a cold... it's just the fluids are coming out of his dick instead...