Jessie's Girl [Is Complete]

Jessie's Girl [Is Complete]

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She's Jessie's girl. (Or is she?)  

Has been since freshman year of college, and Luke Merlin is Jessie Peirce's roommate, best friend and extended mind on the football field.  

But maybe being Jessie's girl isn't all that great. Is the love still there- was there ever any love? 

Brielle Quinne starts to falter in the relationship, not trusting her new undefined feelings. The day that should be a romantic one for Brielle and Jessie, isn't- but more intimate for a certain best friend and Brielle. But what if Brielle and Luke's little stunt isn't the problem - what if the problem was Jessie all along?

Will Luke ever get the girl he has been pining for since Freshman year?


So like- this story may (to some) contain vulgar language and some sexual scenes. In no shape or any form are those sexual scenes meant to do anything but further enhance character relations- not reader ones. The language may get bad at some point- but not to the point of the average american words.

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FantasyNever901 FantasyNever901 May 04, 2016
Really enjoyed this book, but some of the descriptions are over the top and a bit lengthy. I don't think readers needed to know what every girl is wearing and where each person sat, only if it helped with the story line. Loved the book, please keep writing.
stephilina stephilina Apr 21, 2016