A FairyTail Musical (natsu x reader)

A FairyTail Musical (natsu x reader)

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A new girl who goes by the name of (y/n) arrives into FairyTail High. This high school isn't any ordinary high school. Let's get one thing clear, they enjoy singing at random times. Will (y/n) survive in high school?

I am not going along with the plot of high school musical, there might be songs from high school musical.

I do not own the FairyTail characters and the songs. All of them belong to their rightful owners. 

I apologize for my horrible writing but I try to make it perfect for you all!

New chapter every Saturday!

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My favorite color is black i guess ill change io white cause its my second favorite color
*kisses the skateboard* HELL NAW, THIS IS MY PRECIOUS TREASURE
After reading lots if books where Natsu goes to sleep in random peoples bed, I thought it was him!😂
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Your never seing this again *puts it with collection of random stuf
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This is my third time reading this book series and I never get tired of it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I hate English honestly... I don't know why though because I love reading and writing