Break The Rule ➣ Stiles Stilinski [1]

Break The Rule ➣ Stiles Stilinski [1]

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❝Never Stop That's How We Ride, Coming Up Until We Die❞. 

❝It's Always Fun At First. But When You Get There- Ha! Let's Just Say Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken❞. 

Break The Rules

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AlanLujan AlanLujan May 10, 2017
To all the people saying Arizona sucks don't worry Arizona thinks you suck too.
Caitlyn_Minter Caitlyn_Minter Oct 05, 2017
At first I was like 14 and pregnant!! Wtf. But then I realised that’s its not my place to judge 🤷🏻‍♀️
jc637349 jc637349 Jun 17, 2017
Oooooh she is gonna burn, everyone knows that if you were black in az your asking for a death sentence
all the comments are so quick to judge that she’s 14 and pregnant. she could’ve been rapèd and didnt want to abort. something traumatic could’ve happened. but y’all decide to judge rather than understanding her side of the story..
cool4life2003 cool4life2003 Aug 14, 2017
I hate people who judge
                              I have two family members who got pregnant early and being the lost one in the family 
                              I was clueless
-stilinski_24- -stilinski_24- Sep 04, 2016
Yes yes yes yes! I finally found this book again I have already read it but I love it way too much and have to read it again it took me so long to find it