The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper

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danielle By soulessly Completed

As soon as you turn sixteen, the Timekeeper is inserted on the inside of your wrist. It's a countdown, showing days, hours, minutes, seconds. Until what, you might ask? Until you meet your soul mate.        

Candice Smith has only just turned sixteen, and is looking forward to finding her soul mate. But things don't turn out exactly how she thought they would. Find your soul mate, and you should fall in love at first sight right? Wrong.        
Jase Williams isn't who she pictured as her soul mate, not even close. They are complete opposites, surely there has been a mistake?        

Between lies, betrayal, and tears,    
will Candice and Jase end up falling for each other?   
Or will Candice fall for someone else?        

(disclaimer: this story is unedited and contains some course language)

[ cover by @goodgirlfaiths ]

emmmmmmmmmmmmma emmmmmmmmmmmmma Dec 11, 2016
Just FYI there's a movie about this actual thing it's pretty cool
autumnflavour autumnflavour Jun 14, 2016
Idk you tell me, after all, you're the author 
                              jkjk I'm really enjoying the plot
inkblack inkblack Jun 29, 2016
Prediction: she falls in love with someone else but ends up falling for Jase either way
Fourth-Musketeer Fourth-Musketeer Aug 23, 2016
I  actually saw a post on tumblr of someone wanting to write a book like that.... And here i am a week later..
fake__name fake__name Feb 13
If you like The Timekeeper, be sure to check out Hour Minute Second by Nina and Malia ! It is a book that has to do with time travel, adventures, romance, and even some drama! Check it out!
loverjhood loverjhood Jun 06, 2016
What if like once you get it, it says zero bc you already met ur soul mate 😱