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Rejected Big Mistake

Rejected Big Mistake

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Your favorite tumblr chic By ethnich0e Completed

Cynthia Rose  Firestone is the beta's youngest daughter Emerald Stone pack . After her parents died everyone takes their anger out on her. The Omega has more power then her. She can't wait to find her mate so he can treat her like a princess but those 8 words change her one dream into a horrible nightmare. She runs away to start a new life with a new pack being adopted by the Alpha and Luna and getting a second chance for  her true night in shining armer.  After 3 years her old pack ask for help which is the perfect time to get pay back be cause as you know Payback is a bitch.

Yeah cool you go ahead and think that while i start packing you clothes for when you run away
I would have stabbed him in the eye and force feed him his eyeball and then run like i just rased hell
AStoryWorthTelling AStoryWorthTelling Jul 30, 2016
Like, bish go save your sister and do something decent for once
KushRoyalty5 KushRoyalty5 Sep 30, 2016
Lol every story I read starts off the same and end the same they get rejected run away come back after a couple years looking different and end up going back to the same person that rejected them it's so. Cliché
diamond1839 diamond1839 Mar 27, 2016
If she has powers then y cant she put a stop to whats happening
Thank you so much!
                              I hope this "girl" doesn't fall back into her "mate's" hands. I actually hope he realizes that karma is here in the form of a bitch. Literally.