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A Day of Faces (complete novel)

A Day of Faces (complete novel)

131K Reads 7.7K Votes 61 Part Story
Simon K Jones By SimonKJones Completed

WATTY 2016 winner! In Kay's world, weird is normal. Girls have tentacle dreads,  there's a ruling class of flying angels, some folk have fur or horns and others can see heat signatures through walls. All of this made total sense to Kay until she met a guy who broke all the rules.
    *Wattys 2016 winner: Trailblazers category*
    *Reached #7 in the sci-fi chart*
    *Wattpad featured*
  "This book is Jumper. . meets terminator... meets...twilight zone." shadowgirlzzz  
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Parseltounge hmm? Are you related to Tom Riddle? Everyone knows it's the mark of a dark wizard....
Interesting beginning. I still have no clue what's really going on, so, on to chapter two it is. :)
DoomedMaid DoomedMaid Dec 29, 2016
Ive just finished the first chapter and I want to keep reading it!! The way you write and describe is wonderful, just amazing. The idea is super original and the writing leaves you interested and wanting more. Love it!!!!
Bobie-Ansah Bobie-Ansah Dec 03, 2016
I want to read the whole book 
                              How do i do that since am a newbie on wattpad
-Citadel- -Citadel- Dec 11, 2016
Lmao seems like everyone commenting is also a February baby. 
                              Like me~ LMAO
squiggleswhiskey squiggleswhiskey Dec 09, 2016
Is anyone else sick and tired of the best writers going unnoticed, but only becomes their books contain realistic and intellectual content. Becomes I am.