32 Reasons Why I Hate You

32 Reasons Why I Hate You

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"She had 32 reasons to hate him, and he had 32 reasons to love her." 


She hated him, it was as simple as that. He was the sole reason why she was who she was, in all of her feisty, sarcastic glory. 

He loved her, and that was pretty simple too. She made him do crazy things for her attention, even though he still couldn't get it. 

Former best friends Viola Huntress and Jackson Walker were the definition of childhood sweethearts but one wrong move, hormones, and puberty ruined it all for them. 

Well, at least for four years. 

Barely on eye contact terms, they ignored each other like they were the plague. Although, when senior year finally comes into view, the boarding school they both attended decided to pair up boys and girls in the same dorm rooms. 

How crazy was this boarding school in the first place? Everyone knew how hormonal and horny teenagers got, especially if they're in the same room. 

Anyways, Viola Huntress planned on killing her roommate (whomever the poor soul may be) the second she knew who he was. 

But when she found out Jackson Walker was her new roomie, the world ended. 

Well at least Jackson's did. 

Stick two former best friends with chemistry in the same room for an entire year and see what happens. I guarantee you that it will be everything but ordinary.  

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readingthestarss readingthestarss Oct 16, 2016
I have a feeling we're not talking about the vase anymore...
microwavedlove microwavedlove Jul 18, 2016
Oh dw they will be having a lot of babies in the dorm before they're even married 😏😏
jasminevcc jasminevcc Mar 19, 2016
Jajaja lol. My ship name is : Pielo? Ciero? Omfg too horrible xD haha