The Twin Sister

The Twin Sister

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Lilian Jennifer Potter is the twin of Harry James Potter. She was there all though out his life, 1,2,3,4,5 years she's been through thick and thin. She survived BellaTrix LeStrange and the mark she left on her arm. She has survived Draco Malfoys' Torment... 

But what happens on her 6th year when she falls in love with the enemy?

(Does not show Lily, I want you to use your guys' brilliant imaginations.
JK ROWLING'S CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR LILY!! I love JK Rowling and all my respect goes to her)

Bitch you DON'T own Lily Potter. Lily Potter is Harry's mother and therefore in conclusion also JK Rowling owns Lily Potter. My friend and I agree that it's so cute that you think that, I just thought I'd bring you to reality
Fatbaby911 Fatbaby911 Jul 27
I like how the author didn't put Lily in EVERY situation that Harry goes through. A lot of people do that and o feel like it downgrades the urgency of the scenario
                              I'm mean like
                              U write great and all
                              James was a chaser
                              I think
Why does this remind me of the cereal Trix?
                              Silly Rabbit Trix are for kids.
How does she remember that though? Did someone tell her too?
Ah look at my love up there. It's weird how I get butterflies like an actual crush 😂