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The Assassin | Fairy Tail - Jerza Fanfic |

The Assassin | Fairy Tail - Jerza Fanfic |

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Whale-chan By FabulousWhales Completed

Erza Scarlet is a high class assassin in Fiore.
She's completed hundreds of assignments, and will blow out the light of your life in a heartbeat. She has taken away many lives and Jellal is next on the list. She's been consumed by evil for as long as she can remember.

Jellal Fernandes is a regular college student, who hangs out with his friends. He's always on the sidelines making a big impact on somebody's life.
He helps anybody he knows he can trust, just by looking in there eyes. He's one of the purest of people that cannot be easily tainted by the darkness.

What happens when Jellal meets his assassin wounded on the ground? Can Jellal help Erza escape from the darkness that has consumed her soul?

Find out in 'The Assassin'
[Modern AU]

Started: 03/29/15
Finished: 05/08/15

★ ☆ ★ 
I do not own Fairy Tail, only this story. All other credit goes to Hiro Mashima; creator of Fairy Tail.

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- - May 18, 2016
I love this already. 
                              I could never be this creative xD
                              I do wish they were wizards though :(((
Bishamonlaca Bishamonlaca Aug 06, 2016
That doesn't make sense if he's see you wouldn't it make sense to take him out really quick.....
happy_koneko happy_koneko May 21, 2016
When you see someone with a sniper pointed at you Jellal, you don't smile at them.
Wth you just smiled at someone who's gonna snipe you in the head?
CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Aug 18, 2016
                              (Sees someone that's about to shoot you)
                              Jellal: :) Hi
-Lost_Gurl- -Lost_Gurl- Jul 16, 2016
Common sense Jellal! When you see a person who is gonna kill you, you don't just give them a smile! 
                              YOU RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!