Unhealthy Infatuations

Unhealthy Infatuations

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callmedanz By callmedanz Updated Oct 02, 2015

"Isn't that the creepy guy from next door?"

Jade has lived in the same town her whole life, in the same home. So has he. When she goes to the park, she sees him. When she comes home from school, he's sitting in front of his window.

This story will show you the moment that interest turns to infatuation. When your only purpose for breathing is the young girl next door.

This is the story of John. A 30 year old man infatuated with the 15 year old girl next door.

  • agedifference
  • agegap
  • baby
  • kidnap
  • lovr
  • neighbour
  • obsessed
  • older
  • paedo
  • romance
  • stalker
  • underage
VillansXYou VillansXYou Jun 15
yeah, I have a question why haven't she call the police? You don't need to answer it just a stupid question
rhymedeblue rhymedeblue Apr 09
In some countries, people get married despite having this type of huge age differences but I don’t know if they date tho🤔 well I’ve seen even in the US, 30 year olds dating men in their 50...idk that do sounds a bit different
SuperheroAddict SuperheroAddict Mar 28, 2015
I shall be your number one fan. People will think that I'm a creep ;)
SuperheroAddict SuperheroAddict Mar 28, 2015
Beautifully written. I kinda hate you for making me like this creepy story...xD love it ;)