A HTTYD Truth or Dare

A HTTYD Truth or Dare

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Buffnut By Buffnut0the0Beserker Updated 3 days ago

If you want Hiccup to get the hiccups, Tuffnut to do the chicken dance, or ANY HTTYD character to do ANYTHING, you're in luck. I'll write you a one-shot of it! Just comment on a chapter with your truths or dares for characters.

While you're at it, you should probably read everyone else's dare stories. They're random and funny.

*Disclaimer: I don't own any characters listed herein, other than The Author*

*P.S.: Heather is evil. You cannot dare her to be good.*

THAT IS ALL. Now go read something.

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Stiles_Roscoe Stiles_Roscoe Oct 23, 2017
I dare Astrid to push Hiccup off a cliff saying he's not good enough for her and she CANNOT tell him it's a dare
CassieCat2005 CassieCat2005 May 09, 2017
I dare Snotlout to be covered in Monstrous Nightmare gel, and then set on fire. :3 (I'm evil!)
BraveryNightFury BraveryNightFury Apr 02, 2017
Make Hiccup chicken sit Tuffnut's chicken. (Try say that three times fast.)
ShingekiNoKyojinn ShingekiNoKyojinn Mar 30, 2015
I dare Snotlout to do a really cool trick and Hookfang cant interfere and like something ypu could only do on Hookfang so then they see how cool he is
BRKA11472 BRKA11472 Mar 30, 2015
I truthie truth Fishlegs to tell us how much Meatlug actually weighs
Aurora_Flash Aurora_Flash Mar 29, 2015
Hahaha, man, I wish I could hang out with the twins sometimes. XD