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Misfortune (SasuNaru)

Misfortune (SasuNaru)

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TinkerBell2019 By TinkerBell2019 Completed

A spiky blonde haired whos lived his whole life hated and mistreated by the village he lived in walks into a bar that changes his life. A brunette catches sight of him and might as well turn his life upside down! An original SasuNaru ship story by me~ Enjoy

Well, I don't own Naruto- or any of it's incredible characters.

This one time I was supposed to wake up at like 7 cause I had to go to a dentist appointment haha but next thing you know I woke up at like 10 because I put the alarm at 9 and didnt hear it.So yeeaah I got hit with a chancla when my mom got home
Naruto was like "yeah arsehole kiss her all you want, I'm out"
                              And Sasuke was like "daamn he didn't pay attention to me, ouch" 
                              I love this kind of scenes, the just shout "BACKFIRE!"
I can. But when it comes to Sasuke or Naruto well......that's a different story
AzzyPop AzzyPop May 26
No one noticed the "cant believe it" part.
                              "IMA BE HOKAGE SOMEDAY!! BELIEVE IT!!!"
As soon as I saw the ' I'm not gay ' part I started singing this song! 😂
                              "I'm not gay. I'm not gay. It was a joke guys. C'mon I'm not gay."
He just kissed that girl
                              Did he just really fùcking kiss her