I Won't Hurt You As Long As You Don't Hurt Me (Bonnie X Reader)

I Won't Hurt You As Long As You Don't Hurt Me (Bonnie X Reader)

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Welcome to your worst nightmare, or is it? 
You and your family have a fun day at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza  because it's your 7th birthday. 
But you then meet Bonnie the bunny, and he isn't his normal form, he's different. 
Then when Foxy caused the Bite of '87, your mom had forbidden you to step foot in there. 
All you thought about your days was Bonnie. 
Then when a unpaid debt comes the way, it's up to you to find a suitable job. 
Where's it at?
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. 

What is your mom gonna do?
Will Bonnie remember you?
If so, what's gonna happen?

Read to find out!

I'm the oldest my parents fav  and I do nothing but get good grades in school
ok, i just wanna say....... THANK YOU!!!! I legit typed in 'Bonnie x reader' and only things like fnaf x reader came up. I SAID I WANTED BONNIE NOT EVERYONE! JUST BONNIE BAE!!! so thanks for giving me what I want ^^
I was questioning how formal of a seven year old I was, until I pictured me squealing while running around at the mention of pizza.... Yeah Im still a seven year old :3
Neko-chii- Neko-chii- Jul 09
I need u girl~ 
This woman is lucky she's not real or I SWEEEEEEAR I would have bitch slaped her!
Ruea_Gaming Ruea_Gaming Dec 30, 2016
I'm 8 and I watch Lieutenant Joe Kennda: Homicide Hunter! I LOVE MURDER MYSTERIES!!!
                              (Lol I'm 13 jk