Intransigence: On Hold[ish]

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Randi & Zea By TezeLus Updated 5 years ago
Randi Douglas and Zea Tambrey go through the weirdest things with the start of the upcoming new school year. This most EPIC story has a mix of delectable  gore, heart-wrenching emotion, action, fantasy, paranormal, adventure, teen fiction, and just plain silliness.... But we're cool... we swear.
    P.S. If you don't know what intransigence means look it up! =) long has it been? Over half a year? Ya you guys need to upload!
Hey you two need to upload, PRONTO. And question, I cannot find an Arintez on this site, did she delete her account? is that why you haven't uploaded for so long? Are you planning on writing this story anymore?
Hahaha! This is awesome. Great story, keep it up. Please add more soon!
HAHAHAHAAA SO AWESOME (and epic just as promised) This is freaking great you two. And I see you'll get Chapter One out tomorrow, man I sure hope so. That's going to be the highlight of my day. This is awesome!!
THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!! Hahahahahha Randi and Zea crack me up!! I can't wait for Chapter One. I'm totally going to be on the lookout tomorrow!
LOL That was soooo funny. Thanks for suggesting this to me @Pookelus. It's fantastically well written and shaping out to be a great story already.