I'm Human...maybe

I'm Human...maybe

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Isabella Snow Rose By isabellasnow Updated May 06, 2017

They think I'm human; I'm not though I'm just like them...

I've never known my Father to me he was just a stranger that I didn't want to give my time to get to know. But my mother always told me something about him like I have 2 half-brothers. 

When I reached the age of 10 my mother told me something that would blow my mind away. My father was a werewolf an alpha. 

The reason she told me was because something happened that night...I changed into a white wolf. I was like my Father apparently because I radiated power but the more she told me the more I wanted to be human.

When I reached 12 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Though the years I watched as my mother slowly died in front of me. 

When I turned 17 my mother was taken into hospital and wasn't allowed come home. 

2 months before I turned 18 she passed away leaving me with only one choice I had to meet my Father.

From there was when the secrets and fun started.

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ii_dee_ii ii_dee_ii Nov 15, 2017
Soooooo we just gone act like she didn’t know exactly when she was gonna die so the plane ticket didn’t expire?
JelenaBieberGomez JelenaBieberGomez Jun 26, 2015
Aw I feel sorry for both of them! He never searched for them!