Dear Elijah

Dear Elijah

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zeegotfanns zeegotfanns Apr 09, 2017
I love it how, you have it the other way around. Like the female beating on men, instead of the other way around. For one it's not a cliche story, and another at the fact that stuff like this actually happens. It's not always the men.
taylorsasha taylorsasha Dec 16, 2016
My family and I have always believed that regardless of gender, you cannot hit or abuse somebody and not expect to get a reaction out of them.
xvindictive xvindictive Jan 03, 2017
Yeah I know how he feels. Kids used to pick on me all the time and I finally snapped one day in class and was throwing stuff and screaming my head off.
If he talked about it.. Hopefully its reported so when he snaps and pop her ass it won't be an issue!!
sassexo sassexo Oct 30, 2016
Love this already. Nice to see domestic abuse from a perspective which isn't always understood/accepted of happening in society ! Great concept to explore
shaneqwa shaneqwa Sep 22, 2016
I like this book, even though I don't like abuse but you telling us from men point of view instead of a women being abused but now it is a man being abuse by a woman..he needs to let her go, he don't have to put with it..