17, A New Start As A Vampire With A Hot Teacher

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*Catnip* By NovelGenius Completed
(Book ONE in Sequel 'My Life. Vampiric Style.')
    17 year old Hayden Lily Smith was a normal human girl before she met mysterious and handsome Loren Sheen. One day, Hayden found out about Loren's dark secret by accident, leading to the string of raging problems ahead of her life, including the fact that she's slowly falling for him.
No like a lot of people spell it with a c but I think it's even on how it's spelled
My sister is called Catherine! I'm just surprised that you spelt it with a 'c' instead of a 'k' like most people do xD
Has anyone else read A Proscriptive Relationship? This story reminds me of it.
I really like the first chapter,on to the next,I new to wattpadd reading so I will do my best adding comments.Great job....
Thumbs up to girl! you're only 13-years old and yet you manage to make an awesome story... keep it up! 
                                    I'm on the sequel of it... still reading :)
btw, you are doing good honey, and me, also as a 13-year-old, can understand 'The Pressure'