Twisting Friendship

Twisting Friendship

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Tomoe and Nanami have been friends for years, They have shared their lives with each other, never doubting one another. What happens when their relationship becomes awkward? And What happens When Nanami's Quiet Best friend, Tomoe, Starts feeling something towards The brunette headed girl? { TomoeXNanami }...

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Warning: Contains Crude humor, Suggestive Content, And Gore. Rating, : T-MA ( On some scenes. )

Hahahaaaaaaaa I remember this in the anime he just loves his fan
TorreyandClyde TorreyandClyde Sep 03, 2016
Um, how many words was that chapter? I'm just curious because I write my chapters around 3000, but it seems shorter because I wrote it.
Charcoal54 Charcoal54 Jan 22
Away from his problems and I no the pantry for food he had waited so long to eat.
timefortime timefortime Jan 08
I. Absolutely. Love this!! It's been sooo long since I read an A-MA-ZING story on here!! Thank You SOOOOOOO much!!👏👍👌😆😂☺😄
Gaby_Hemmo19 Gaby_Hemmo19 Aug 14, 2015
if Tomoe was my BFF and he said these things to me I would be depressed and I would go insane if I knew that he really ment it  ...
GummyKat02 GummyKat02 Jun 25, 2015
A quest room!! Cool!! ( I know it's supposed to be guest room) I wonder if a quest room would have an actual quest or be like a quest trophy room? Honesty a quest room sounds really cool