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Ticci Toby x Reader Tick Tock (completed)

Ticci Toby x Reader Tick Tock (completed)

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Echo By Cyanide_Screams Completed

(A/N)*hey people! this is my first fanfiction, and I'm new here. I hope you like it, and I will be updating multiple times a week. I hope you enjoy my first story!pleas like, comment and follow! :D*

You wake up to hear a weird noise knocking on your window. you curiously get up and look out your window to see nothing. 'that's odd..' You think to yourself. You shrug it off and lay back down in your bed, claiming for the noise to only be the wind. you finally drift off to sleep.

Cat Yiur Idea Is Good But *Pulls Out a 90 inch Sword That's Foldable* That Will Do
OMG! This is amazing! One of the best Ticci Toby X readers I've read! Thank you for not being a retard writer.
Srpskapudla Srpskapudla Jul 14
i have a DIVING KNIFE under my pillow. those things are sharp as hell
I have a machete under my pillow and 20 smaller knives hidden every where in my room. Come at me bish
starcat112 starcat112 Jul 16, 2016
I agree once I tried to type jealous but auto correct said nope and out Jesus! So it came out "I'm Jesus!" Instead of "I'm jealous!" So autocorrect is just mean to everyone!
KawaiiWolfo3o KawaiiWolfo3o Jul 12, 2016
Who is? I tried typing something on my book and it auto corrected to penis. The sentence.....    .... lets say it made me laugh for about fifeteen minutes straight