The Musical Alchemist: An Edward Elric Love Story (Under Major Editing)

The Musical Alchemist: An Edward Elric Love Story (Under Major Editing)

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Carly Ann By Fall0ut Updated Mar 26

One day she's making cookies with her mother. 

Another day she's at her mother's funeral.  

As weeks passed by, her father became different. He was once a man who always helped the towns people. However, after her mother's death, he was always buried inside his office.

Although, little did she know, that something a lot bigger was going to happen, forever changing her life.

After few weeks turned into months, and soon enough years. The young girl became furious with her father, as she still had barely seen him after her mother's funeral.

So one night, she stormed into his office when it all went down. A flash, following the screams of her father made her rush towards him.  
Fading one limb at a time, she slowly realized what he was attempting to perform... 

The ultimate taboo, human transmutation.

The girl, filled with terror, tries to break the transmutation circle, attempting to rescue what remained of her father.
Sadly, nothing at this point can stop it, as little now remained of him.

Falling down to her knees in despair, her father makes his last attempt to being a good father.
Crawling with one arm forward, he lures his daughter into the circle with him, letting him whisper his final words.

"I'm sorry... I love you." 

Before she knew it, a flash appears again, taking her away into white room. What remained in the room was only three things.


A huge black door.

And a black shadow, resembling what seemed to be herself.

This was the start to a new beginning.  This is the start of the Musical Alchemist.

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speciallittleangel_1 speciallittleangel_1 Sep 10, 2017
At first i read this as blood type: athletic
                              me: athletic isn't a blood type silly
mistakecentral mistakecentral Jul 23, 2015
edward is like 9cm taller than me and im a midget 13 year old XD im 140cm ( 4ft7") XD