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The Musical Alchemist: An Edward Elric Love Story

The Musical Alchemist: An Edward Elric Love Story

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Carly Ann By Fall0ut Updated Oct 07, 2016

It all happened so very fast.  One day she's making cookies with her mother and the next day she's at her mother's funeral.  And as the weeks passed by, her father became different.  He was once a man who always helped the towns people, but now, he was always in his office working on something...  Little did she know though, that something was a lot more than she ever suspected.  One day, she eventually became furious with her father for not being there for her at all since the passing of her mother two years ago.  So that night, she stormed into his garage when it all went down.  But little did she know at first, he was performing the ultimate taboo, human transmutation.  As soon as she came to realize what he was doing, she tried to stopping him.  Sadly though, he wouldn't listen or take reason to his actions...  As he was fading away, he pulled her in the human transmutation circle while saying "I'm sorry" and suddenly disappeared.  Not knowing what was going on, she suddenly finds herself in a white room...  With a huge door...  And a black shadow version of herself... This was the start to a new beginning.  This is the start of the Musical Alchemist.

mistakecentral mistakecentral Jul 23, 2015
edward is like 9cm taller than me and im a midget 13 year old XD im 140cm ( 4ft7") XD