Tell Me Ariel, Are You Mine?

Tell Me Ariel, Are You Mine?

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Frann @BluSonya By BluSonya Updated Aug 13, 2014


Ariel is given a big assignment at work to take care of. It's her biggest and most demanding to date. But there's a major thing in the way. 

Or should she 

Dante Greco, the ridiculously handsome big-time business man with the sex-inducing grin, and ever imposing masculinity. She's never met anyone like him before and the realization unnerves her. She's drawn to him...although he’s the last guy she would want to be drawn to. He's mysterious, yet makes no secret of his desire for her. Their attraction is so evident it's hard for either of them to ignore, but both she and him couldn't help the inexplicable link that drew them both towards each other...

...and upon Ariel discovering what he is, and Dante learning more about her, they face struggles and personal battles they both have to make it through if they want to be together...

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  • attraction
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  • fantasy
  • love
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dt070285 dt070285 Nov 25, 2017
Ok I’ll  have to add another comment later but I love the disclaimer and how you make your book known what it is.....way to go I was a little eerie about reading this one, not anymore thank you..... ok onto the chapter
Skyla_Carter Skyla_Carter May 09, 2015
Has he not spent enough time with women to know when they're p*ssed off or about to be p*ssed off?
CrimsonEyedAngel CrimsonEyedAngel Sep 28, 2014
The description was so intense in the chapter it just made me want to keep reading and the whole ' talk dirty to me ' thing was so funny  awesome chapter
justbrowsing justbrowsing Aug 04, 2014
Not usually something I'd read but I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Great job so far :-)
hollygal123 hollygal123 May 09, 2014
                              Omg you had me at the edge of my seat :D the first line drew me in I need to know more about this guy ;)
SM0verDiamonds SM0verDiamonds Feb 16, 2014
That was a very cute meeting.. I can't wipe the smile off my face.