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Tough Love

Tough Love

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XxNekocoxX By XxNekocoxX Completed

Eight years. That's how long the lives of three boys have been back to normal. They went through judgement, then hell, and finally back to earth to live out regular lives. But, it seems that even after all this time they aren't completely safe from the darkness that hides when the sun is out...

Sion has finished highschool, had a late college, and now has a cozy job as a children's doctor. He's happy with his two adopted brothers, Tommy and Shitto. But, the three have a secret that they only keep to each other. A secret that they're about to relive. But, what if it turns out differently then the last time?

This is book two to my first book 'Kidnapped'. If you haven't read that one then go do that first. This is a yaoi (boyxboy) novel. Don't like? Don't read. Others, enjoy!


MoonAngelDJ MoonAngelDJ Dec 10, 2016
Paid * 
                              No offence . I cannot write as good as you , or even have the motivation to write . Just wanted to pony out so you can change it if you have time . 😊
FictioniswhatIwrite FictioniswhatIwrite Jun 30, 2016
Please tell me I'm not the only one who misread "Shitto" with "sh*t toe". I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry XD
SaraSeyrah SaraSeyrah Jun 05, 2016
Well the cover of this book is nagisa.. from assasin atin classrom(anime) and he is a guy..... :/ ... anyways I'm still gonna read. . Im curios.. xD
lunar1rose lunar1rose Sep 12, 2016
Aiieeee I'm so glad I didn't read this one first!!! Thx for stopin me. Rose out🌹
TobiMaster10 TobiMaster10 May 08, 2016
It kind of is depending on what type of programming language you're using
NaomiHenshu NaomiHenshu Aug 28, 2015
Räpe??? I'm done Bye. Every yaoi story I try to read has räpe