For You, Only For You

For You, Only For You

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King__Me By King__Me Updated Jul 23, 2016




Arthur & Merlin go through challenges that seems to only bring them closer to each other and realize how much they depend on each other. 
This was originally a literate RolePlay between my marvelous friend Nicole and I. 

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umm.... yeah..... (Chuckles lightly scared and nervous)... I....ummm
luv_u2000 luv_u2000 Dec 25, 2016
Oh, my minds going places not very neat, lol. I'm pretty sure you don't mean what I'm thinking
irunoutofficshelp irunoutofficshelp Feb 04, 2016
I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH p l e a s e keep updating! This is one of the best merthur fanfics i ever read!
TheFandomsThatWaited TheFandomsThatWaited Apr 02, 2015
Please update!! This is brilliant and I love it so far! I'm also loving that we hear from both consciences of the boys. Good job!