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Westielle By Westielle Updated Apr 12, 2016

"I have two Identities. This is normal."

Set in a universe where every human has two identities, Sia lives a normal life with her family and shares a body and brain with her 'other' identity Sahara. Together, they can face a challenge and come out unharmed. One identities weakness will always be the other's strength.

All this, however, is different for Mack. He has a secret he can never tell anyone for it could have unknown consequences for him. Pretending to be like everyone else, he faces a constant struggle of keeping this secret away from others. When he meets Sia, he finds himself trusting her more than anyone else before...

As they grow closer, secrets are revealed - causing further revelations and consequences neither of them could have ever expected.

I hate to bother anyone, but a big pet peeve of mine (In this context of published writing) is when you use text talk inside your writing.  I try not to be rude but it bothers me a little... Just a grammar/spelling check.
renesmeewolfe renesmeewolfe Aug 22, 2016
Sorry to butt in, but a comma actually is supposed to be before the end quotation mark 😬. Sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine.
Synesthetic_Wonders Synesthetic_Wonders Jul 03, 2015
Wow, your story is really well written! Great job.
                              Book recommendation: I think you would really enjoy What's Left of Me. It's a similar concept and amazing plot. It's not big yet, but you can get it on Amazon. Highly recommend.
LynneaKatherine LynneaKatherine Apr 25, 2015
Like the idea! It different the the usual, which is awesome!! Can't wait to read more!