A Goddess, Their Guardian (Naruto Fanfiction)

A Goddess, Their Guardian (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Meet Kimiko Kamegami. A Goddess from above. She is being sent for a mission to be a guardian with a certain group of people. A Goddess turns to a guardian.

Will her fate changes while she is in the world? Will she able to accomplish her mission? What will happen to their future when 'her' father hold it? Not literally he holds it but what if her father knows the future? Will she able to save her what do she called babies?

P.S I don't own Naruto!! Let's give the credit to Masashi Kishimoto :)
I only own my OC and others that are not totally in the story and the pictures are not mine...
Please be noted that the power of fanfic i s op so if there is anything that is different from the storyline, that's what you call magic.

And Sequel is up and is written on this book as well.

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