KnB x Reader one-shots (Requests closed)

KnB x Reader one-shots (Requests closed)

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VNatsu By VNatsu Updated Apr 19, 2016

You were at the library of the school studying for the exam with Midorima.

"Jeez, he's going to pass the exam anyway, why are you even trying to study...?" Takao went closer to you two "Ohhh... that's because of her isn't it?" He pointed at you.

"Hmm?" you looked surprise "Wh-What do you mean Takao-kun?

Takao laughed.

"Midorima is probably trying to hit on you"

"Shut up idiot!" the green haired boy stood up.

"Too bad (y/n) likes me more... right?" Takao looked at you, which made you flinch and blush, then you turned your head from him.

"Wh-What are you talking about?! M-Midorima-kun, let's continue..." you lowered your head to look at the book and try to cover your blush with your bangs.

Takao went sit next you you. 

"You'd better teach me something~" said with his playful smirk.

"Huh?" you flinched and moved away from him a bit "Y-You know M-Midorima-kun is a better teacher than me... and smart, you should ask him to teach you..."

"Yeah, maybe that's true... if you'd teach ...

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FairyTaillover160 FairyTaillover160 Apr 01, 2017
I would make you wear a sexy maid outfit and call me master no matter where we are no matter who is in front of you just do it
OtakuTillTheEnd OtakuTillTheEnd Oct 24, 2016
OMG this was amazing please make a sequel if you haven't already
xoxAnimexox xoxAnimexox Jul 13, 2016
UUUHHH no I would like to see you wear a maid off it and say "OH MASTER" Every Time you see a a tree
KonekoChan901 KonekoChan901 Dec 30, 2015
Id say he has to 1v1 me league of legends. Nobody beats me in LOL
- - Oct 08, 2015
To go into my basement.
                              I mean....
                              No, that's actually what'd I'd say
VNatsu VNatsu Apr 02, 2015
@XxMe2xX99 hahaha yess!! He is the perfect combination of playful and sweet!