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Killua x Reader: A Bloody Love

Killua x Reader: A Bloody Love

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FishAndChips By Chimichangas12 Updated Mar 09

You and Him. You're an orphan. He is a isolated child. His Dad killed your parent. His mother arranged every possible ways to kill you. His siblings are destined to be assassins, and their first mission is to terminate the Yukimura generations ( your family ). And a secret assassin in the order of a secret patron on her way to kill Misa, your little sister, the only member left of your family. And Killua, you have fallen in love with him. Can you surpass the situation?
  This is the slightly improve plots of the story
  Thank you all for the  supports that you have been giving to this story

41628M 41628M Jun 20
OMG!!!!! I almost literally LIVE for these comments😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anime20002 Anime20002 Oct 31, 2016
Yeah! I get it! I'm going to kill my virtual boyfriend. You don't *hic* have to make it *hic* harder. WAHHH
Nizzynoya Nizzynoya Nov 29, 2016
No I do not I'm going to end up like Sasuke who turned evil in the process
Buggie-thornpaw Buggie-thornpaw Jul 01, 2016
... NUUUUU WHO ELSE WILL MAKE MY WAFFLES... Oh wait dat bitçh left me nvm
Xiannylegisma Xiannylegisma Aug 17, 2016
15  years old??? so in this story Killua and Gon are 15 too not 12???
BananaLenny BananaLenny Jul 31, 2016
Kare wa koko de nani o shite iru nodesu ka? Watashi wa kare ga ima made ni kono monogatari no nakadearou to omotta koto wa arimasen. XD I dare someone to figure out that translation :3