Until they fall (Avengers FanFiction)--Complete

Until they fall (Avengers FanFiction)--Complete

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This is the second book in my "Captain Charlotte Barnes" series. I recommend reading the first one in the series as you may be a bit lost--the first takes place during "Captain America: The First Avenger."


"Leave him frozen," she had said, her voice raw with pain as she examined the block of ice. "If the world found out that he was still alive, there would be an uproar. Keep him frozen," she repeated. "For both his sake and ours."


Every morning, Charlie wakes up and fears that she faces the risk of aging. This has happened for the past 67 years, but Charlie had not aged a day. Not yet. Charlotte is a level ten agent; the first of many. Due to her past, Charlie decides to keep herself secret; with the help of the rest of SHIELD. Any one outside of SHIELD who realizes who she is, is either dead or captured. But Charlie has a hard time keeping herself secret when a certain son of Odin breaks into SHIELD headquarters, a very secure place at that, to steal the most valuable resource that this world has ever known that SHIELD has kept secret. The Tesseract. 

For the first time in over 67 years, Charlie struggles to complete the mission when she is thrust into an unwanted war with the God of Lies and his army. Can Charlie stand the rest of her team mates in order to get this done; or will most of the war take place amongst each other?

"I have an army."


I do not own any characters nor plot, besides Charlotte Quinn Dane Barnes, the rest are owned by Stan Lee and Marvel.


The next book in the series has been uploaded. This book takes place during the Winter Soldier. It is called "Until the end of the line (A captain America--Winter Soldier--FanFiction)."

BlueBelle327 BlueBelle327 Jun 01, 2016
*Scans keycard with lv. 10 access on safe holding file and pulls it out* "Story Time!" I exclaim, terribly excited to finally figure out the mystery behind the one and only Charlotte Barnes.