An Alphas Possession

An Alphas Possession

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Saraya By LIFE-OF-PIE Updated Oct 13, 2016

For each werewolf the mating ceremony is different. Some find it charming while others find it annoying. In this case, Lane finds it unbearable and pointless. But what happens when, of all the male werewolves that take part in this event, her mate ends up being of blue blood. Felix Trench. The strong and striking of them all also has a secret that had been buried long ago.

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By the way my story is way better then the summary.

 I'm bad at writing summaries

oompalompa_weirdness oompalompa_weirdness Jan 27, 2016
I already love the story but i think it would really be helpful if u put -------- or something like that between this paragraph and the other cuz there is a change it scenery and it gets a little confusing (without the ----) sry if it comes of as rude 😅 (between snickers and wake up were here)
aradenox aradenox Jan 09, 2016
Just a suggestion, write in paragraps. No proper spacing makes it monotonos.
DJdarkangel78 DJdarkangel78 Jan 05, 2016
It gets really confusibg if i was to leave and nit remember were i was
Merleintje Merleintje Dec 30, 2015
Wow i really wanted for her to have room 69, just for the irony xD
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Oct 27, 2015
Maybe you should try to slow things down. I mean, you came from the end of the school year to this poor girl laying sadly in a beautiful room in a palace.
spiral25 spiral25 Aug 26, 2015
I recommend not breaking so drastically between the car ride and the arrival to the palace and at the end. I do really like this and can't wait to see how it turns out