A Demon in my Soul

A Demon in my Soul

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Kelly By KleeArtnik Completed

Seventeen-year-old Lorelei “Lori” Blakely knows better than to wander the uninhabited Dead Zone—Dad would kill her if she did. But that doesn’t stop her from wandering into the city ruins just a train ride away.

That night, she’s able to perform stunts she’d never be able to do—like jumping from her window in her apartment to the parking garage next door.  Not only that, but she wanders into a part of the city she’d never go to.  There, she runs into Gavin, the guy who knows the truth behind the Demon Research Center’s tactics, and who says she now has a demon’s soul inside her.

Lori doesn’t know what to think—about the demon in her soul, about how Gavin’s opinion on her seems to bounce between good and bad.  And then there’s the Demon Research Center, the place Dad wants to take her, where they’re supposed to “fix” her.

But she knows one thing: no matter what, she won’t let the demon inside ruin her life.

  • 2014
  • dark
  • demons
  • soul
  • teen
  • young-adult
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- - Dec 20, 2013
This was very interesting. I wonder if she would wonder off her normal path again, since she did it once. She might do it again and again until she won't be able to help herself. xD
MiniMoxx MiniMoxx May 21, 2013
This is truly great: your writing had me gripped and the plot was amazing! I hope this is updated soon! Well done :)
Bigchick7 Bigchick7 May 05, 2013
Wowza! This had my attention throughout the whole thing! I'm glued!! Thank you for writing this. You really have talent. I'm so excited to keep reading! Can't wait! Eeeek! :)