Beauty of Fairy Tail (Gale/Gajevy AU)

Beauty of Fairy Tail (Gale/Gajevy AU)

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Jameson Reid Schultz By JamesonReid2018 Updated Jul 13, 2017

Gejeel is new to the town of Magnolia. He has come for one purpose only. Join the greatest guild in Fiore. Though, once he gets there, he meets her. The short mage with the mind of pages and a headband  around her wild, mop of hair.

Missions and months turn to an iron clad passion. Love and family is tested as old mistakes and new enemies torture the pair. Are they prepared? I guess a better question is... will you be?

Mild language and implied sexual content. (No lemons) PG-13

Full credit goes to the creator of Fairy Tail for the creation of most characters and settings. I do own a few minor characters, though.

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Blahh1235 Blahh1235 Dec 08, 2017
jesus i read "twelve jewel" instead of "twelve thousand jewel" XD
Aaron_dragona Aaron_dragona Apr 11, 2016
This is the first fic with this pair that I've read so far and this is great!
elizajulille elizajulille Mar 21, 2016
Wow that was extremely blunt considering you barely even know each other...… I take that back YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER!!!
                              (But ur still my fav. Ship)
grandpagust_D grandpagust_D May 10, 2016
I'm going to buy a all black boy cat and name him lily /pantherlily
JamesonReid2018 JamesonReid2018 Dec 24, 2015
Haha! Well, he's asleep and can't object. Plus, I'm a nalu shipper...
txdesi txdesi Dec 23, 2015
offffff course juvia is cuddling with gray.....wait what!!! when did he allow that?!gray you sly pervy, grrr. pst...."~lucy you liiiikkkeee him~" ~in honor of happy