Delicate Flower

Delicate Flower

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♥♣♦▌Tasha, Nat▐♦♣♥ By cuterimachan Updated Sep 25, 2012

Who knew that death itself was seeking every single student it came across. The lies and torture that brought London High School to this state is yet to be discovered. Each student either; Disappears, dies or ends up in a fatal situation. Only they didn't know what was out to get them and yet they laughed and scarred many victims. All of this creating the one 'Pyscho girl' that should have never existed. Now, in every corner you remain, someone or something will be watching you. 

     The school itself became haunted with the number of deaths that remained hidden deep in hell.
Once you make a move there is no going back

     When I opened my eyes I knew that nothing in my miserable life prior to that moment could possibly be as bad as what was about to happen. I was lying on the cold floor of a classroom where only the fading sun’s light could reach me. I tried moving, until I realise the thickened rope around my ankles - so tight that the red marks around them worsened to darkened bruises.

     Dark stains on the floor suggest blood. But it was the chair with dangling ropes; to hold someone down unwillingly that confirmed my suspicions. A darkened figure advances from out of the dusky, black corners of the room. It approaches me, closer and closer. The figure was unidentified as it wore a paper bag on it’s head; most definitely to hide what it was about to commit. It was the school uniform that gave half of it’s identity away; the feminine version of our school’s uniform...