Viking Summer

Viking Summer

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Elsbeth already knows what life has in store for her, and it certainly doesn't involve Taran.  He must've proposed to her a hundred times, but no matter how she feels about her oldest friend, she knows it can't work out between them. Elsbeth soon will be married off to a man who has the wealth to provide a decent home for her. The sooner the better, as far as her father is concerned.

While Elsbeth worries about her romantic future, a shadow hangs over the fishing village where she grew up. Vikings are raiding up and down the coast, and her home and everyone she cares for is under threat.

In dark times, Elsbeth has a desperate decision to make: will she risk everything and follow her heart, or seek the safety of an arranged marriage?

  • england
  • historical
  • history
  • norse
  • romance
  • slave
  • viking
TenaKerrLund TenaKerrLund Jul 17, 2017
I only found one small problem. If I am guessing the correct era. They would not know what a carpet is. A rug maybe but not a carpet. Other than that tiny detail, I adored it. I do hope Tarran  wins her heart, I just want to hug him.
GoFollowMyNewAccount GoFollowMyNewAccount Jun 13, 2017
👏👏👏 beautiful. Enough feels but not cheesy. This is bookworthy 👌👌
GoFollowMyNewAccount GoFollowMyNewAccount Jun 13, 2017
Hey hey hey someone else made their Viking book in the same era as me :)))
romantical123 romantical123 Feb 28, 2016
luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv itttttttttt<333333333333333333333333
ProminentWonders ProminentWonders Jun 19, 2016
This is terribly sad! I just want to give Taran a big hug. Oh gosh. 😭❤️ I love his character. Where can I find myself a Taran?
- - Feb 14, 2016
Well done so far! I love how it's set up and I'm already feeling the tingle of impending adventure!