This Is Where We Fall (Hetalia Zombie Apocalypse AU)

This Is Where We Fall (Hetalia Zombie Apocalypse AU)

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| Matthew | By mochikitty Completed

How are nations during the zombie apocalypse? They are just like their citizens, trying to survive.

In a world without order. A world without social structure. A world without country borders, the nations must learn how to survive in the new world where death surrounds them constantly. 


(Sorry, I really suck at writing summaries, hah. I'll revise it later as the story develops. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my story! Please leave feedback in the comments, I love hearing from my readers!)

Cover image not mine, all credit goes to the artist.

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But what about all the countries that arent on that landmass, like the north american vros and possibly latin american countries?
"They were now vulnerable to the dangers of 'normal' life and threats."
                              Yes, because a zombie apocalypse is just a normal day on Earth...
waterviking4 waterviking4 May 21, 2016
The hero and the maple leaf. You officially killed me for making me laugh. Great sort so far! Better that I would have done
aph_waffles aph_waffles Feb 16, 2016
Is it normal that the James Bond theme song played in my head when I pictured Arthur with a pistol?
ShadowFTW1247 ShadowFTW1247 Oct 18, 2016
*just casually leaves the book* Jkjkjkjkjkjkjk I'm totally gonna like read this
ShadowFTW1247 ShadowFTW1247 Oct 18, 2016
*thinks of the Berlin wall* .... *casually cries my eyes out*