Fraternizing with the Enemy

Fraternizing with the Enemy

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ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ By hyrule Completed

(alternatively called: slow burn, second-hand embarrassment, and shenanigans)
A girl made up of short fuses, clumsy feet and copious amounts of sarcasm has to team up with her irritatingly obnoxious neighbour in the name of love (also known as raging teenage hormones). Because in the grand scheme of things, what's a little deal with the devil? 

(Spoiler Alert: absolute chaos.) 

cover by xdemonsflowerx

  • badboy
  • boy
  • crush
  • deal
  • devil
  • enemy
  • girl
  • hate
  • humor
  • love
  • rebel
  • relationship
  • romance
  • teen
Farkle much?? What now, your going to result to turtle necks??
28Wisdom4ever 28Wisdom4ever 7 days ago
There is a case when a guy accidentally shot his neighbour, because he refuse to lower the music down. At times I say that I would do the same.
Don't even remind me of that tragedy 😭😢😢😢😢😰😖😖😖
sophie_popo sophie_popo 3 days ago
But...why is she so happy in the morning? I hate morning people,being happy. And chatty in the morning who does that?
imacubancupcake imacubancupcake 5 days ago
Me looking at the playlist:
                              Good song
                              Good song
                              Great song
                              Good song
                              OH MY GOD! BEAUTIFUL SOUL BY JESSE MCCARTNEY?!?! 😍😍😍
Itslydivv Itslydivv Sep 28
Lmao it's already funny.. I love it.. so I'm gunna read
                              Even if I have like 5 other books I have yet to complete 😁✌🏼