Fraternizing with the Enemy

Fraternizing with the Enemy

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(alternatively called: slow burn, second-hand embarrassment, and shenanigans)
A girl made up of short fuses, clumsy feet and copious amounts of sarcasm has to team up with her irritatingly obnoxious neighbour in the name of love (also known as raging teenage hormones). Because in the grand scheme of things, what's a little deal with the devil? 

(Spoiler Alert: absolute chaos.) 

cover by xdemonsflowerx

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  • devil
  • enemy
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MOREEE POWWWWAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              I'm sorry I had to😂
Oh. I thought .... oh. Well that was an unexpected turn.  The author was like "oh ha! You thought he was gonna be wit her?! Pft...Bahahahaha SIKEEE!!!!"😂
AnonymousEllen AnonymousEllen 2 days ago
There's a river (or lake??) in finland named hell and it has froze
Rolaahmedk Rolaahmedk a day ago
Everyone keeps talking about how bacon is amazing and I'm dyiiiiiiing to try it but I'm muslim and it breaks my heart whenever someone talks about bacon poor me :'(
When author tryna play with your mind and then be like, "SIKE!"
Heronstairs310 Heronstairs310 6 days ago
She sounds like my language arts teacher from last year. She would call us lovies and sunshines while yelling at us