Vampire in Chaos - book 7

Vampire in Chaos - book 7

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Tessa's life has plummeted into chaos. Her father is missing, Goran is unconscious and showing no signs of healing, her mother has taken several steps off the deep end and David, well, she'll deal with him when she sees him - if she can find him. 

Cody isn't sure what happened to the supposedly successful conclusion to the blood farm madness but he's back in hell and damn it Tessa is once again leading the charge. 

Jared is on the run, again. With no one else he can trust, but Tessa's friends and family, he searches them out determined to help them solve this war - whether he is welcome or not. 

With everyone in distress or missing, Tessa struggles to find answers, and create some kind of order amongst the chaos - before their attackers strike again. 

First chapter will go up next week if I can make it! :)

SchemingDiva SchemingDiva May 30, 2015
When I clicked to read this book it said updated 13 hours ago! I hope that this book has more chapters
terganzz terganzz Apr 21, 2015
I can safely say that I was 98th person that wrote a comment
mrzjones12 mrzjones12 Apr 18, 2015
Omg I'm so excited to read this omg feels like I've been waiting forever
KemoyCunningham KemoyCunningham Apr 17, 2015
yaaaay perfect timing :)) things have been dull time to get the juices flowing with some codessa
KemoyCunningham KemoyCunningham Apr 17, 2015
wow almost had a heart attack just  now I thought I missed the 1st chapter didn't know the cover was released phew that was close
SmotheredinDarkness SmotheredinDarkness Apr 15, 2015
How many more books are there in this series? I know there's 7 right now