October Sky

October Sky

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ConnieJJasperson By ConnieJJasperson Updated Dec 30, 2012

It had been the coldest October that I could remember.  Rafts of ice floated up and down the lake, blown by the winds, breaking up and re-forming as if dancing a ballet.  The leaves had been off the trees since the end of September, almost as if they couldn't fall fast enough.

My evenings were wonderful. The sun drifted its way behind the hills as the wind died off to nothing.  The lake became a mirror reflecting the pink-blue-purple-gold of the sky and the deep green of the evergreen forested hills.  It was a green so deep that it appeared to be black.

I would sit at my frozen picnic table with a steaming mug of tea in my frozen hands, watching the snow-geese and the western grebes. Only the voices of the loons and the geese pierced the blanket of peace I had wrapped about myself.

 When the colors had faded and I could no longer feel my fingers I would go back into the house and stoke up the fire, still in the thrall of the lake's spell. Then, only when I had absorbed the tranquili...

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