Hunted「Book One」

Hunted「Book One」

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Fate By Words-Of-Fate Updated Jun 09, 2018

They're being watched. They're being murdered. They're being hunted. They can't run and they can no longer hide - the only solution left is war. Hunters or the hunted, who will be victorious?

Saving werewolves from being wrongfully executed was Izzy Stoll's self-proclaimed job, but her life takes a spiral downwards when her boyfriend and childhood best friend gets murdered by the werewolf hunters. 

Saved by their new werewolf ally, Chris, Izzy and her friends take shelter in the Grove to escape the Hunters and the impending war with them. With the suspicion of spies arising, there is almost no one that she can truly trust. To make matters worse, spies aren't even the last of her worries. Old mysteries soon start to unravel and she finds herself more connected to Chris in ways she could've never imagined.

Fear, heartbreak, betrayal. Those are all things she'll need to survive if she hopes to make it through the war.

Cover by @hireath-

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