Love Me, Please! (BoyxBoy)

Love Me, Please! (BoyxBoy)

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JHAZ By jhaz002 Updated Sep 05, 2015

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"I thought mates are meant to be together forever. Mates should be loyal with each other. They're not supposed to be with someone else's arms other than their other half but how could he do that to me? It would be a lot better if he rejected me the first time we bump into each other in the library on that faithful day. The moment our eyes met and the sparks when we accidentally touch each other's hands, I know and he knows that we're mates. He just stared at me, then said that I was his and no one is to touch me. From that day onwards, we constantly meet with each other secretly 'though there's nothing to hide about us since we're mates but he insists on keeping it to ourselves' in the library or behind the university. It's just a twice or thrice a week meetings and I'm perfectly happy about that, at least he didn't reject me so I don't mind. But whenever we're together, I noticed that he never shown his affection to me like a mate would do. It's not that I complained but it's been a year and all we've done is sit feet's away with each other. And to top it all, all he ever did was talked to his phone or text, or sleep, or eat, or read books and he barely talk to me. I don't know if he's avoiding the fact that he's with me or I'm just a plain boring companion!"

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WARNING: This is a BxB, MxM story which will contain MPreg in the future and some scenes that is not suitable for close-minded and sensitive readers.
NOTE: Anything written in this story has nothing to do with reality, such as the names, settings, events, or situation that might coincidentally the same in the real world had nothing to do with each other.
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YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Jul 19, 2017
Boy I'm gonna  cut off your goddamn  d*ck so you can never f*ck another b*tch again if you keep being a big rude ass to my cute baby!!
SexyKenu SexyKenu Jan 23, 2018
Drop him like a bad habit.  Hey w/ the New Prince.  Moving on.
strictly_reading strictly_reading Jun 06, 2018
I mean I love werewolf stories but doesn’t he get a choice???
MeNotBugged MeNotBugged Aug 18, 2017
Okay that's just fûcked up! Immmma get my shotgun girl brb!
YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Jul 19, 2017
I really hate those three words so much but I'll accept them from you author because you're story is great so far XP
YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Jul 19, 2017
This girl reminds me so much of me that it's kind of weird but also awesome XD