The One For Me (Tcest Fanfic)

The One For Me (Tcest Fanfic)

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Bruh -_- By imjustreallybored3 Completed

No one really reads these but, oh well. This is my 2nd book and I'm just going along with what my mind comes up with but I think it should go well since I have some ideas!

it's MikeyxDonnie and LeoxRaph but mostly focusing on MxD 

(Also, I do create my book covers)

Inkysakura Inkysakura Aug 01, 2016
Mikey start chanting: PERVERT PERVERT PERVERT!
                              I come in: what's going on?
                              Mikey: author-San is a pervert!
                              Both now chanting: PERVERT PERVERT PERVERT!
loveTMNT2012 loveTMNT2012 Apr 19, 2015
AAWW THEY WERE GOING TO KISSSSSSSSS *fangirling over them**faint* (im an idiot)
rylon_pylon14 rylon_pylon14 Mar 29, 2015
that's like the best excuse for almost kissing someone "staring contest" stroke of genius
- - Mar 29, 2015
OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE (Also, the feels are killing me, I feel like Mikey)
sadistic_expression sadistic_expression Mar 28, 2015
cool start keep going. Mikey's little crush. It's so adorable. Oh.... I cant wait till you updated again ≥﹏≤
- - Mar 28, 2015
This is very cute ^~^ They are just ment to be together right? It's also interesting that Mikey has no idea that he has a crush on his smart brother. The point is that the whole chapter is cool and I'm looking forward to see more. (Take yer time!) ^.^