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The Heart of a Warrior

The Heart of a Warrior

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Bailey Monroe By baileymonroe17 Updated Aug 16, 2016

Growing up under the tyranny of her father, Daniel was raised as the son her father was obsessed with having. Violence, deception and power-crazed alphas are all she's known, and as a result she's hardened into the rogue she is today. Being a nineteen year old mother with a nearly five year old son, the two of them aren't what most wolves expect to find when they hear there are rogues on their territory. They're certainly not what Adrian expects, at least. The twenty year old alpha has been waiting his entire life for his mate, but what happens when she seems to be carrying more secrets than he thought possible? As Adrian works to break down her barriers, what happens when he realizes Daniel isn't who he expects her to be? What if her past isn't just her past, but also her present?
        Adrian sees Daniel as the mate he's dreamed of since he was a kid; Daniel sees Adrian as a nosey obstacle she has to overcome if she wants any chance at a future for her and her son. Never having heard of mates, Daniel does the only thing she knows how to do when Adrian tells her about their connection; she fights. Will her fighting be enough? Or will she realize that some things are worth accepting?

livingsdg livingsdg Feb 19, 2016
This is spectacular, I'm completely blown away it's your first!
francast francast Nov 07, 2016
Well written, attractive first chapter. Rhymes and reasons utterly lacking, but hey, it's a first chapter. I am curious for what follows.
EmilyBishopLepich EmilyBishopLepich Feb 25, 2016
I am liking it. I hope it's stays this awesome. Good work in the first chapter!
Bananawanana Bananawanana Feb 09, 2016
I'm seriously not even finished with the chapter but damn this is good. Not like the usual rogue/alpha stories.
DezSoNice DezSoNice Dec 21, 2016
It was really good I liked a lot,  she's great and she's  a defiantly wonderful  character👍🏽
TheClockMagician TheClockMagician Jun 29, 2016
I think from the summary this story has potential but being a 19 year old mother with a 5 year old son is a bit exaggerated, l mean she had him when she was 14??? how about her being 23 and him being 24?