Percy Jackson and the family of avengers

Percy Jackson and the family of avengers

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Percy Jackson loved his mom

But one day she was torn away by his step dad

He just wanted to protect her but he was thrown into a foster home

Tony stark loves his girlfriend 

He would do anything for her and when her best friend dies he offers to take in her son
Hopefully he can be a good dad to him 

But percy is not normal he's very strong and the gods don't think that the mortals are capable of taking care of him

Will the avengers let the gods take percy away from his new family or will they find out who percy is


What he is and will the accept it?

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Damsnackbar21 Damsnackbar21 May 28, 2017
Don't worry, Percy, someday you'll be the best hero and the hottest if I might add...
NooseString NooseString Jul 07, 2017
I thought of:
                              I'm just a kid
                              I-Im just a kid
                              I-i-im just a kid
                              It was just a little mistake...
                              And so on
Hate it o be a nit picker but I just wanted to point out the extreme lack of punctuation....
HopeDaughterOfHades HopeDaughterOfHades Jul 22, 2017
And life is a nightmare
                              Im just a kid 
                              I know that its bot fair
ThatOneBooknerd1421 ThatOneBooknerd1421 Apr 20, 2016
First chapter and I'm already about to cry. I think that's a new record
EricaSparx EricaSparx Jul 25, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of the Caillou theme song???
                              I'm just a kid who's 4
                              Each day I grow some more
                              I like exploring, I'm caillou...