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Amy Crandall By xXAmy_CXx Completed

|Book 1 of the Betrayal Trilogy|

"N--No! Leave her alone! Please, leave her alone," I say weakly, "she has nothing to do with this!"

"That is where you are wrong, Melanie," he replies. I can actually hear the smile in his voice as he continues to speak. "You see, she is meddling in business that isn't hers to meddle in, and I told you that there would be punishment if you went to the police. Now, I must go. Laura requires my very special attention at the moment."

A girl's scream rips through the receiver; Laura's. Before I can yell for him to stop, the line clicks.


When Melanie Larkin's best friend is murdered by Melanie's stalker, her and her mother flee to a new town where the FBI and police keep a watchful eye over them. The only problem is, Melanie's stalker knows where she has gone. How does Melanie know this?

He leaves a white rose in her room every night while she's asleep.


#2 in Horror on August 1st 2015
Published on March 27th 2015

LaraeSteed LaraeSteed Jun 16
First chapter and the bad guy appears!!! Hella yaaaassssss!😋
WaxOnFvckOff WaxOnFvckOff May 17, 2016
No he's trying to tell you he's taking her out for ice cream
Bubbles9600 Bubbles9600 Dec 13, 2015
IT'S ME! IM IN CALIFORNIA DREAMING ABO- ohoh... Sorry... Not the time...
Khissal Khissal Nov 13, 2015
Great first part. I just stumbled upon your book and found that it was really very good. Excellent writing and catchy words. I mean you are too good.
serusha serusha Sep 12, 2015
the summary sounded so intriguing wonder hw the entire story wud b
walkingvibez walkingvibez Sep 08, 2015
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