Hello Baby [Complete]

Hello Baby [Complete]

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Mariah (Riah) Lee By llmariahleell Completed

Mae Evans only wanted a bra.

Draven, Jayce, and Maxen were only looking for a bra for a thirteen year old. 

Two of them got a baby.

{soooo I wrote this story when I was like 13 so it really sucks! there are some confusing parts and it's unedited but people seem to keep reading}

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Some girls don't have long eye lashes. I do, but there's a girl at my school and she has like no eye lashes. She does have natural red hair tho.
Bruhhhhhh really I had no idea, 😳 thank you so much for telling me🙄😒
The thirty-eight size is the measurement around the rib cage.
TaylerMichael TaylerMichael Apr 06, 2016
I work at a campground store and most of the ladies keep their money in their bra. After every customer I just got in the habit of putting hand sanitizer on. I'm not a germ freak but it's kind of gross
fromnetflix fromnetflix Jul 13, 2016
I woke up at 5:00 this morning and it's summer, wtf is wrong with me
angelhearts1234 angelhearts1234 Aug 11, 2015
I like the start so far. Its funny but Jayce is an idiot ! How old is he anyway ?