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A girl from New York who was supposed to have manifested animal superpowers but never did, is sent to live in a Scottish castle with her great aunt plus all her crazy staff.  

Nina Gregory was born into a family of Anitars - people who possess gifts which not only must be kept secret from the rest of the world but are so powerful they can change the course of everything. Anitars fight to create a better civilisation but as society rages in turmoil they are beginning to be hunted down by unseen forces.   

Unfortunately despite years of waiting and trying Nina herself never manifested – making her the only one in the family with no inner animal to speak of, leaving her unable to help in the ways she so badly wants to.   

Her parents, scared she will be defenseless, send Nina away from the intense dangers of New York to live with her great aunt in Scotland - in an ancient castle, miles from everywhere.   

At first Nina feels more helpless and even more alone but as she meets the staff and friends of her aunt, including a beautiful, forest dwelling gamekeeper who manages to both infuriate and fascinate her, things start to change in this most unusual of places.   

Nina may just find herself in a position to help that she never for a moment suspected before - but of course - it all depends on her.    

*first draft*   

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StrawberryQueen13 StrawberryQueen13 Dec 16, 2016
Part Scottish and still can't understand their accent. The struggle is real.
faithkillickk faithkillickk 2 days ago
like she's the awkward failure of the family and everyone feels sorry for her including her
Aint_No_Wifey_Bitch Aint_No_Wifey_Bitch Nov 19, 2016
My grandma said that this castle was made-up I proved her wrong
sharrymyles sharrymyles Nov 23, 2016
There should be a hyphen between the word Grand and sweeping
brayknox brayknox Nov 19, 2016
I love your book, I just started writing one about ability and powers aswell!
BarbaraMiskovic BarbaraMiskovic Nov 24, 2016
And yes I know I'll find out soon enough... I'm just a tad impatient, that's all.