Dear Richard,
      If your reading this, then either I am dead or I have found it time to tell you the truth.  Your mother and I wanted to shield you from the truth for as long as we could, but at some point we knew we would have to tell you. You see, Richard, everything is not as you have always imagined it to be...
Glad to see you like the cover! ^.^ (this is @MilliliteraI, I'm using a different account)
This looks like a pretty interesting story.....I'm excited to read. This plot is different FINALLY!!!!!!
I was reminded of Lord of the Rings just with the whole idea of letters to the past even though it sounds totally different. Sorry, just a little ramble. I liked it, I think the ending could be a lot stronger but it wasn't a bad start.
VERY good start to the story!! The ending wasn't very catchy though.. 'go read!' It almost felt a little forcing... but grammar and spelling seems perfect and I love the idea of it.
opening with a letter to a mysterious character from ANOTHER mysterious character concerning mysterious criteria... GENIUS. seriously, i think this was a really awesome way to open up and introduce the story. continuing on to chapter 1...
So beautiful.  I actually had an idea to have a prologue in letter form, so I think I have no choice but to love this story at this point.  I didn't spot any mistakes, which is awesome.  Needless to say, you've got my vote!