No! [-Cheater!Levi x Anguish!Reader-]

No! [-Cheater!Levi x Anguish!Reader-]

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His scent is no longer embedded upon his mattress as I lay facedown upon his pillow. How long has it been since we last seen one another, I mean we speak on the phone, but it feels like I am a burden to him by the tone of his voice so I make sure that I keep my phone calls down a couple minutes.

When I want to visit him, Levi would say that he would be busy or that he will be in a meeting all day. Its been five months since we last seen each other, isn't Levi dying to see me, touch me, smell me like I do about him?

Does he cry himself to sleep like I do because he couldn't see me from all that work he has? Because it is winter doesn't he feel yearn for my body to keep him warm?

His violin that rest upon a comfy sofa on the corner of the bedroom still laid there after many days of neglect; I love his violin playing, he's such a talented man.

Message To: Levi Ackerman

From: [First Name] [Last Name]

Message Time: 20:45p

Message: I truly miss you. I wish you were here to keep me com...

xXDankWeebXx xXDankWeebXx Oct 13, 2017
KimTaeTae143Jagiya KimTaeTae143Jagiya Oct 08, 2017
I wouldnt do this. I'll be the savage i am and make him so jealous. Im gonna go with Kakashi now.
kittywonderlove007 kittywonderlove007 Oct 24, 2017
Well not long enough it takes you to make me orgasm. Midget😛
kittywonderlove007 kittywonderlove007 Oct 24, 2017
Any man should come to his senses after reading such a cute message. F u Levi
Girl have you seen the movie "Waiting to Exhale"... you need to do exactly what that lady did in that movie. She burned up his car and all his clothes and used the fire she burned up all his stuff with to light her cigarette.
kittywonderlove007 kittywonderlove007 Oct 24, 2017
This reminds me of Sherlock
                              Did I just turn into Watson from Mike?