Lost & Insecure

Lost & Insecure

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Katerina was your normal teenage girl. That is until her mom died in a wolf attack. Ever since then Kat has been living a live of abuse. Will she escape and find a happy ending?

Xavier was the most feared alpha in California. The Moonlight pack was his home. What happens when this ruthless ruler finds his damsel in distress?

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Iglu1011 Iglu1011 Nov 11, 2017
I am in a totally sucky mood so I hope this is going to have some laughs
ChristyKlesh ChristyKlesh Mar 19, 2016
Wasn't she suppose to make her Dad breakfast? Hope she doesn't get in trouble:(
ExspectaInexspectata ExspectaInexspectata Feb 09, 2016
When I first saw the title of this book I automatically thought of You Found Me by The Fray... I may or may not have started singing it also...
popping_pam popping_pam Jan 09, 2017
This book is really good so far. I like it! Your doing really well and I hope you keep it up.
Music2939 Music2939 Jan 27, 2017
I'm hungry and for a moment there I thought of the chocolate bar! 
                              And I dare those kids to do it again... I dare them *glares* 🔪